5 Fun Ways Your Kids Can Contact Santa This Christmas


5 Simple Ways Your Kids Can Contact Santa This Christmas

There are many simple pleasures in being a child. One is the belief that out there, somewhere, there’s a fat man in a red suit who spends all year working his very hardest to monitor your behaviour. Then, at the end of the year, he brings you presents and manages to convince your parents to feed you all manner of sweet garbage even when it isn’t dessert time.

Maintaining this belief is an important job, undertaken along with many other important jobs by a child’s parents. Sometimes, kids need to touch base with this jolly fat man, and because we live in an exciting age, there are a few different ways that this can be accomplished.

Track Him From A Distance

Nothing Santa does these days is really a mystery, and Christmas-mad children can track jolly ol’ Mr. Claus not just on the night of Christmas or on Christmas Eve, but on every day of the lead-up period, starting on December 1st. You can make tracking Santa a part of your daily advent with tools like NORAD’s Santa Tracker, which has been bringing holiday joy to technologically enabled children and their families for years! If you want your kids to know what Santa does to prepare for Christmas, this is it.

This is one of our great templates you can download below to send a letter to Santa!

Send A Letter

Sending a letter to Santa used to be a core part of the Christmas tradition. It was also great way for parents to see what their kids actually wanted for Christmas, or just to have a laugh at anyone who actually thought they were getting a pony or a sports car. However, as snail mail fell out of favour, so too did the letter to Santa. The good news is, that’s all changing. Australia Post has brought back the letter to Santa and made it possible for kids in the digital age to practice their handwriting and send Santa a letter. Except now Santa has his own address, and if you send your letter early enough you’ll even get a reply!

To send a letter to Santa address it to:

North Pole, 9999

To ensure Santa can reply, you need to attach a 65 cent stamp on your envelope and include a return address on the back.

We have some great Santa Letter templates at the bottom of this article, that cater to kids who cant write yet (pictures only) to those that can write a little or a lot! You can download them for Free today!

Ping An Email

If sending letters to Santa isn’t really your jam, or you’ve forgotten exactly how the postal system works and think stamps are too expensive, there’s always the email to Santa. Digital version of your childhood pastime, your kids can now get excited for the Christmas lead-up by sending Santa an email with all their wishes and hopes for the new year. On the Email Santa website, there are loads of activities too, which your kids may also enjoy.

We Met Pip the Elf at Santa Land in Myer – Brisbane City.

Talk To His Reps (Elves)

Kids are usually pretty understanding about Santa’s unavailability in the month of December. After all, he’s got a pretty big job to do and it’s a job that kids definitely want to get done. So, if you can’t get a hold of Christmas’ head honcho, your other option is to get your kids in touch with the Elves. Yep, Ask An Elf is a thing now, where kids from all over the world can talk to Santa’s employee army about all the ins and outs of the Christmas machine. Talk about broadening the magic.

Catch Him On Video

If you feel like your kids might be just on the edge of disbelief when it comes to Santa, but you aren’t quite ready for them to move out of that state of Christmas magic, we suggest video. There are a few places you can get personalised videos from Santa, although some may cost. We suggest starting here, or here. A personalised Santa greeting can really push your child back into the world of wonder, and although it doesn’t last forever, it’s still a nice little moment of magic for parents and kids. Make a Christmas miracle today!

Kids Love meeting Santa!

See Him At The Shopping Centre

Of course, the most obvious way for children to see Santa and get in touch with him at Christmas is at your local shopping centre. Santa at the shopping centre doesn’t always go down that well. Kids have to wait in line and there’s the push for photos. Still, at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite so cute as seeing the joy on your child’s face when they meet Santa. It really is worth it.

As a parent, there are only a limited number of Christmases where you get to enjoy seeing your child believe in the magic of Santa. While it’s hard to come to terms with, Santa just isn’t a story that lasts. So, while your kids are still there, believing in the jolly fat man, his flying sleigh, his troop of reindeer and his sack full of presents, you might as well pull out all the stops.

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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.