Join The 8 Week Challenge! The 360 Mind Body Reset Starting Online Soon with Danni Vee!

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Join The 8 Week Challenge! The 360 Mind Body Reset Starting Online Soon with Danni Vee!

FITtreprenueur by day, mother and wife by night – Danni Vee goes beyond your “typical” fitness brand and creates a brand that stands for the power of women.

Danni focuses on leading women through her intuitive, health-focused and mindful approach.  Danni is deeply passionate in reconnecting women with their innate power within.

As the founder of My Fit Tribe, Danni Vee began her journey empowering women through fitness over 10 years ago. As someone who has fought many of her own battles, she wanted to create a fitness brand that uplifted and empowered women to find themselves not just through training, but specifically through the tried and tested tools she has developed over the years.

Danni is not only equipped in the space fitness/personal training she is also a wellness coach for food and nutrition, as well as being a qualified NLP practitioner.

Danni believes that you need to engage all aspects of self to truly create change in your life.


As a leader in Creating Confident Women, Danni has used her expertise to create Australia’s next true ‘wellbeing’ platform. Offering everything from a leading online program for those who need virtual support, to a range of in-person workshops and retreats offered throughout the year. Ensuring that women have access to all the tools they require to be the best version of themselves.

Danni Vee is more than just a fitness brand, a nutritionist and a mind coach – she is the next step to a more confident and powerful you.


The 8 Week 360 Mind Body Reset

Currently, Danni offers a life-changing 8-week Wellness Program (360 Mind Body Reset) it’s changed the lives of 100s of her clients already!

This program can be joined both online and face to face – offering workshops, weekly live calls, start-up guides including recipes, nutrition guides and more. It truly is a community of women coming together to be the best versions of themselves.


Check out what the women of Danni’s 360 Mind Body Reset are saying below…

‘I started Danni’s 360 Mindy Body Reset (8 week program)  after 12 weeks of personal training with Danni, I loved the one-on-one and wanted to transition to bootcamp but still maintain the regular contact, support and accountability. I was 6.5months postpartum, getting back into fitness, and adjusting to life with two kids on my own. The program has been amazing for me and really reminded me how much nutrition and mindset impacts my day to day health. It has helped me to plan meals, eat regularly and fuel my body whilst breastfeeding.

I’ve gone from forgetting to eat or making poor food choices to eating regularly and preparing all my own meals. Overall I feel healthier, better informed and I’m making positive choices every day. The group aspect has been invaluable in terms of providing ongoing support, encouragement, accountability and meal ideas.

It’s great to see everyone adapting the program to suit them and still achieving great results. I love that there is no catch and no hype. Danni just asks that I am accountable and honest with myself. I have found the challenge so easy and so fulfilling.’


Jacqui Clarke

To find out more – and to sign up for the 360 Mind Body Reset head here now

Or you can contact Danni via email here


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