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25 fun things to do after school

25 Fun Things To Do After School

While it felt like the school holidays would never end, once your kids do go back to school you realise how limited your time is with them during the week.

By the time you get home there is often little time left to connect.

We have put together 25 things to do together after school has finished that are not only fun but will give you some quality time together.

Incorporate play and homework

If you have a swing set in your yard head outside or head to your nearest playground.

Start by doing one or two homework questions, then swing for 2 minutes. Come back and do another question or two before going on the slide for two minutes.

You might notice this yourself, that our brain actually work better when we are active. Plus this makes doing homework a breeze as there is fun incorporated.

They have been sitting at a desk most of the day so letting them run around but still get their work done is a win-win.

Serve up a snack

The cries of I’m hungry usually come thick and fast in the afternoons. Finding something that is quick and easy that you can make together are always great options.

Fruit skewers and mini pizza make great choices. While you are making them you have the added benefit of chatting with your child about their day.

Phone free car rides

For older children who have phones, it is so easy for them to spend the car ride home texting or with their headphones in.

So at least once a week designate school pick up and driving home as a technology-free zone.

Then let them talk about anything they want. Don’t quiz them with questions just give them the opportunity to tell you stories and open the lines of communication.

Read a book together

Often younger children have a book they bring home for home reading. So before the TV goes on and the madness of dinner commences, take some time to create a nice reading corner and sit and read a book together.

mum reading daughter a book
Get lost in a book together

Sport Classes

Allow active kids to burn off some energy by joining a sporting team or attending a class.

It will help them in developing motor skills and coordination, as well as establishing good exercise habits.

Some great classes for kids include swimming lessons, gymnastics, tennis, martial arts and soccer.

Blow bubbles

Blow bubbles in the backyard and chase them down and see who can pop the most.

Bake together

Kill two birds with one stone and prepare the kids healthy snacks for the rest of the week together.

Here are 9 lunch box filler ideas that you and the kids will love.

Coding class

Let’s face it most kids know their way around a computer and iPad better than us. Channeling their technological ability into a fun coding and computing class. Not only could this help them decide if this is a future career path it also uses critical thinking and helps develop patience.

Let them Teach You

Kids are being talked at and taught all day long. Allow them to turn the tables and teach you something for a change.
Whether it is an iPhone app they used or something they learned how to create a school go with the idea that they feel passionate about showing you how to do.

Walk on the beach

With some sunshine and summer still around take advantage of a trip to the beach. You don’t even need to jump in for a swim just dipping your toes in the water and taking a stroll is great to start a conversation and connect with your kids.

family at the beach
Take full advantage of what is left of summer.

Paint rocks

Gather some relatively flat rocks and some paint and let the kids imagination run wild. Once dry you can take the rocks to a local park and leave them for other kids to find as part of the current painted rocks craze.

Dance around the house

Pump up the music and dance around like you don’t have a care in the world. Kids always have the best moves and it gives you a bit of incidental exercise too!

Chalk drawings

My kids love nothing more than being let loose on the driveway with some chalk. You could even bring in some homework into it by solving math problems with the chalk.

The best thing about this activity is a little bit of rain or a quick hose down has everything looking back to normal.

Play Board Games

Board games are a good way to allow children to have fun, learn and for you to get in some family time.

It teaches kids to develop focus as well as learning that winning and losing is a part of life.

Make a collage

Grab some old magazines and allow the kids to cut out pictures and words they like to make a collage.

Older kids could even consider a vision board for things they are saving up for or want to achieve.

Water the garden

My kids love taking turns of watering the garden with the hose. With our new herb garden, they each have a little watering can to

If you have the space planting a veggie garden that they can be responsible for can be a great idea. They will love seeing the first food they can eat sprout up.

Spend some time in the garden together
Enjoy some time outside in the garden

Water Balloons

While there are still some warm days to be had, head out in the backyard and toss some water balloons around.

Have a Tea Party

You can pick up a cheap place set from department stores and set up a tea party with your kids. Bring along some of their toys to enjoy the fun.

Hand Over the Camera

Let your child have your phone and task them with finding some cool things in your backyard to capture. Even though they are doing the same things as they might each afternoon by having the camera in hand they will look at things in more detail to decide what to capture.

Scavenger Hunt

Before school pick up set up clues around the house or backyard that lead them to find a special snack that you can enjoy together.

Make a Rainbow

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and try to collect an object for each colour of the rainbow. Another time they could look for objects that start with each letter of the alphabet instead.

Make Slime

There is no denying that kids love slime. This is a fun and easy activity for kids of all ages. Kids love the squishy consistency, it takes only a couple minutes to make with a few cheap ingredients.

Exercise Together

Whether it is a walk around the neighbourhood, some yoga from watching a youtube video or throwing a ball around together exercising together can be a great bonding experience.

mum and daughter exercising
Spend time together and fit in a workout

Color Together

With lots of colouring books also available for adults colouring in can be fun for both kids and adults and is a great active meditation time to unwind at the end of the day.

Scouts or Girl Guides

Check what days the local scouts or girl guides meet and consider joining. Not only will they learn practical skills but can meet new friends as well.


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