25 Creative Christmas Cocktails

25 christmas cocktails

25 Creative Christmas Cocktails

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family and indulging in a few treats. You don’t have to get silly this season, but it’s nice to have a drink or two while enjoying the festivities.

If you’re interested in stretching your drinking choices a little bit creatively this year, why not try some of these stunning Christmas cocktails.

These cocktails aren’t just delicious to drink, and full of holiday flavours, they also look great and bring a bundle to the festivities of any party!

The Holly Jolly Punches

When you want to keep a group of people happy and enjoying some drinks for a party or gathering, an alcoholic punch is an easy way to do it. Not only does it mean less hassle with drinks being mixed and poured, but also more preference for flavour and holiday tastes than other drinks.

We’re big fans of the holiday punch in bulk, and like most people we have our favourites. For something themed, why not try The Grinch Punch, or the ever-popular Prosecco Punch. If that isn’t for you, we know you are going to love this classic Christmas Punch, or perhaps the holiday-making Jingle Juice. If not, this Easy Peasy Holiday Punch will be a sure winner.

easy holiday punch
Easy Holiday Punch

Christmas Is Creamy

There’s something about creamy flavours that just says ‘indulgence’ to us, which is why we love nothing more than enjoying a few cream-laden drinkies over Christmas time. You have so many options when it comes to creamy cocktails, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

For a bit of northern hemisphere inspired winter wonderland inspiration, we’d definitely recommend either these Campfire Cocktails or a Toasted Smore Martini. Alternatively, the holiday-themed Eggnog Mudslide goes down a treat, as does the Peppermint Mocha White Russian. For a bit of a twist on the classics, why not try this Raspberry Russian Cocktail. These creamy drinks make a big impression, and they’re perfect for a Christmas gathering.

toasted smore martinis
Toasted-Smore Martinis

Holiday Spirits

The holidays are a time to have a bit of fun, let loose, and embrace the magic of the season. Sometimes, we do this by knocking back a few adorable Christmas-themed cocktails, and oh are there a lot to choose from.

Depending on your preferences, you might like to have a night with a Jack Frost Cocktail, or if it’s the jolly man you’re wanting to channel, try out these Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktails. There’s nothing like a bit of holiday spirit to get you in the mood, if we do say so ourselves!

Now, while it may not be winter in Australia at Christmas, you can still enjoy this White Christmas Mojito or this Winter Wonderland Cocktail. Of course, if none of that catches your fancy, we bet this Gingerbread Latte Martini will be the ticket!

Santas Hat Cocktail
Santa’s Hat Cocktail

Cool and Refreshing

Christmas in Australia means a hot summer’s day with lots of sweaty sunshine. So, if you’re planning to enjoy a drink you might find it more satisfying to choose Christmas cocktails with lots of ice for a cool and refreshing experience. Luckily, Christmas cocktails have many ice-cold options, including the yummy Cranberry Mule and the themed Mistletoe Cocktail.

We are fans of the little-but-mighty Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer and the simple Gin and Appletiser Cocktail. If that doesn’t suit, you can always place your bets on the Christmas Sangria, which is absolutely a holiday favourite! Remember, just because it’s summer in Australia, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the Christmas spirit if you know what we mean!

Mistletoe Cocktails
Mistletoe Cocktail

Chocolatey Goodness

Nothing beats the decadent goodness of chocolate, and that’s as true at Christmas as it is at any other time of the year. Be a force for Christmas spirit in your house, and the sure favourite amongst adult friends and family, by whipping up a few chocolate Christmas cocktails.

We are big, big fans of this Nutella Martini, which might not be strictly Christmas themed but always makes an entrance. Otherwise there’s a naughty Kahlua Hot Chocolate, or a themed North Pole Cocktail.

If you’re looking for the lighter, or should we say whiter, side of chocolate, we highly recommend both this White Chocolate Snowflake Martini, as well as this White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini. So many Christmas flavours, so little time!

Nutella Martinis
Nutella Martinis

Do you have fun with cocktails to get your celebratory spirit on during the Christmas season? We’d love to hear some of your favourite holiday cocktail recipes, or know if you’ve tried any of our suggestions! Happy holidays one and all!

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