16 Free things to do with your kids in Brisbane

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16 Free things to do with your kids in Brisbane

School holidays can be a challenging time for parents – how do you keep the kids entertained without totally blowing the budget? Often family outings can get expensive!

Fortunately, in Brisbane, there are many activities that families can engage in for free! With packed lunches and snacks from home, a family can have all out summer fun the whole day without putting (to much of a dint) in the family budget!

Here are 16 Free things you can do with your kids in Brisbane today!

1. Have fun in Water Parks.

Brisbane is home to some amazing Waterparks that are totally free (some are paid)! Let your children bask in the sun, and feel the thrill of tipping water buckets, twisty slides, and fun sprayers that will surely build some amazing family memories. Looking for a water park? Check out our list here…

2. Spend an Afternoon with Koalas

Bring your picnic bag, and tag along with the kids to the Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre, or the Daisy Hill Koala Centre of an afternoon of Koala sight seeing. Children will enjoy seeing one of Koalas – if you have little kids – try reading them some books about native animals before you head out. Koala Lou, Wombat Stew and Possum Magic would all be good choices.

3. Immerse in Culture and the Arts

The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane has a Children’s Art Centre aimed at encouraging children to explore their artistic sense. There are also gallery exhibits of both local modern artists, and even children who engage in art activities at GOMA. Programs change all the time – so check the website here to see what’s on at the moment.

4. Enjoy some quiet time at the Library

Brisbane libraries are not the usual libraries because they are State-of-the-art, have fee public Wi-fi Access, and even have activities for children during school breaks. Allow your children to explore books, and have some quiet time in the library nearest you.

5. Expend that energy in amazing playgrounds

Brisbane is dotted with free huge playgrounds that will get your kids running and jumping in sheer delight. Apart from play areas, Brisbane playgrounds are equipped with shades, picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and even restrooms for the convenience of families. At least 40 parks and playgrounds are available for you and your kids to explore! We have a list of fenced playgrounds on the Northside here and Southside here.

6. Explore the Mt. Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Just think of a live science lesson waiting to happen. Touring the Mt. Coot-tha Botanical gardens gives you the opportunity to let your child enjoy nature, see tree, plant, and flower species up close, and even have encounters with some animals – especially local lizards.

7. Spend hours of learning fun at the Queensland Museum

Let your children participate in interactive fun at the Queensland Museum. The whole family should be entertained for hours in this attraction as they explore different exhibits. There are areas specifically interesting to children particularly those about animals and the wildlife. The dinosaur exhibit is also a big hit amongst youngsters who just love these huge extinct creatures!

8. Bask in the Sun at Southbank (but don’t forget to slip, slop, slap)

Whether your children love playing in the water park, dipping in the water, or building sand castles, they will surely enjoy the Sun and Sand of Southbank. Bring along lunch and snacks for a fun day picnicking alongside the ‘beach’.

9. Cruise the River on a City Hopper

Take the kids to a ferry ride and cruise the river on a City Hopper. They will enjoy the wind on their faces as you cruise along the Brisbane River. A good route is from Sydney Street to New Farm and runs for about half an hour each trip.

10. Learn Local History

Get into a free guided tour of the Brisbane City Hall and learn about the history of the city. After which, head to enjoy the Brisbane Museum for more doses of local Brisbane History. Something that older children will definitely benefit from especially if they have already come across the topic in their class.

11. Bike or scoot your way around Brisbane

There are safe cycling routes in and around Brisbane for cycling or scooting families. Enjoy a great backdrop, and our great weather that is perfect for outdoor exploration. There is no better way of exploring the city, than hopping on a bike or a scooter and taking a leisurely ride with the whole family.

12. Explore local markets

Local markets are a good venue for children to immerse themselves in practical lessons on concepts they only learn in school. Moreover, markets present themselves as a great venue for people watching and discovering local artisians as well. We have a list of family friendly markets here

13. Take a Nature Walk

Taking children to nature walks allow them to appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding them. In Brisbane, there are a lot of trails, bush walks, as well as park areas children can explore.

14. Swim to your heart’s delight

Wading pools and public pools are aplenty in and around Brisbane. Children will definitely have a fun time splashing about and swimming and it’s a great way to cool down on a hot day!

15. Take a trip to the Zoo

Ok, this one is a little out of Brisbane, but Ipswich gives access to local wildlife at the Ipswich Nature Centre. See animals native to Australia up close in this sanctuary. About 40 species of animals are available for children to see, as they check out the aviary, baby farm animal barn, and a reptile house.

16. Watch the Pelicans

Children will always be fascinated with feeding animals. At the Clontarf, children can see pelicans up close and even watch them getting fed. After which, they can bike or stroll around the area and explore the whole seaside walk.

Whats your favourite FREE activity to so with your kids in Brisbane?


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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.

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