11 Practical Baby Shower Gifts That New Mums Will Love

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11 practical baby shower gifts

11 Practical Baby Shower Gifts That New Mums Will Love

After having my own kids I have found that when I am invited to a baby shower these days I try and opt for a practical baby shower gift.

In the past, I used to go for all kinds of cute outfits or shoes. While I still think these are awesome to receive, sometimes it’s the practical baby shower gifts that new mums really love.

Check out my top 11 practical baby shower gifts.

Clothes in a larger size

If you want to stick with the super cute clothes (we understand, they are adorable) go for a larger size. Lots of people give newborn clothes but babies grow out of these so quickly. Size 0 or 1 is usually a good choice as babies tend to wear that size for a longer period of time.

baby clothes baby shower gift
Opt for larger sizes

Meals for a month

That first couple of months within a newborn can be exhausting. With My first a piece of toast was usually my go to when I actually remembered to eat. So make up some freezer meals that they just need to grab out of the fridge or freezer and quickly heat up can be one of the most appreciated gifts a mum can receive.

freezer meals for new mums
Make meal time easy for new mums

White noise toy

Some bubs find it easier to sleep when they have some white noise playing in the background. It is said to remind them of the sounds in the womb. For a new mum who is at the end of their tether trying to get a newborn to sleep a white noise machine or toy can come in really handy.

Baby shower white noise baby shusher

Nappy clutch and change mat set

Nappy changes while out and about can be a hassle. But having a gorgeous looking nappy clutch and change mat set that can be tossed into the nappy bag means nappy changing time is that little bit easier.

nappy clutch and mat
Source: Pinterest


Choose either a book made of material that the baby can explore, or a board book to make sure they can rip out the pages. Even when bub is little, reading books to them can be a great bonding experience. As well as helping them to learn as they get older.

baby book baby shower gift
Books make a great gift

A handy health kit

There is nothing worse for a new mum than their bub experiencing a fever in the middle of the night. So having on hand things like a baby thermometer, infant fingernail clippers and some baby Panadol can be a much-needed item that you often don’t think about getting until you need it.

Baby first aid kit
Source: Pinterest

Practical bibs

While there are lots of super cute bibs out there I try and opt for ones that I find really practical. When bub starts eating solids these plastic bibs with catcher are a great way to keep mess somewhat contained. It is one of those items that you never knew you needed till you had it.

bib baby shower gift
Practical over-sized bibs make a great gift

Nappy cake

You can’t go past the now traditional baby shower nappy cake. As you can never have enough nappies in those early days! I opt for the next size up then newborn size to make sure that they will definitely be needed.

baby shower gift nappy cake
Cute nappy cake

Sophie the Giraffe

This giraffe teething toy is hugely popular and all babies seem to love to hold onto it and chew on different parts of the giraffe.

Sophie the giraffe baby shower gift
Popular for teething time

Mummy necklace

New mums fast learn that wearing your pre-baby jewellery is near impossible.  But there is a solution if you don’t want to give up jewellery altogether. Specially designed mummy necklaces are made to be chewed, tugged and dribbled on. With the added bonus of keeping the baby occupied.

silicone necklace baby shower gift
Source: Pinterest

Hooded baby towel

There really is nothing cuter than a clean baby all wrapped up in a hooded towel. There are so many fun or adorable designs out there to pick from that you are sure to find one that suits bub perfectly.

baby shower hooded towel
Source: Pinterest

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